Formations And Projects

I have two current formations: BLINDEAF and ZiegE 87. There are some videos of BLINDEAF on vimeo under the channel TAKE-1 TNG.
I’m so thankful to play with these guys. Everyone of them is a very unique individual, musically and as a person. Because they are so young they gained a lot of awards. I’m not that kind of a guy. We play some improvised new music concepts of mine. At the moment this band is a bit on hold, because I have to book further gigs and I just got the time to do this… and it’s not easy.

The second ensemble is called „ZiegE 87“ and it’s a duo with beat machine and me on sax and other instruments with effects. We recorded one long improvisation recently and we are very happy with it, so there’s a CD coming out soon.
I really like the way of making music in this setting, because there are no limits, just our imagination and what is appropriate in the very moment.

I have several other working projects like duos with bassists and two Jazz trios but I need to shape them in the future. The playing is always special, but there is also a lack of group identity because I don’t write music for these formations.


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