Practicing is something else! Nothing works without practice. We have to do it or to put it straight: we have to want it! If we’re forcing ourself to practicing we won’t reach our true potential.
A very important thing about practice is learning. I think that we don’t understand learning entirely. We do know that you have to practice for learning something but how exactly it works and what the precise result will be is unknown. So we have to trust our body and our mind that there will be a proper progress if we practicing.
When I practice I try to be very calm and aware of the situation. I make mistakes, I recognize them, I react (f.e. by repeating till it works) but I don’t judge them. Of course I do judge them, otherwise there won’t be mistakes. But I don’t judge them morally, like: this was bad! You are an idiot! This is not going to work!
The next important thing is that I have a timeframe to all my exercises. I don’t go beyond the frame because there are several things that I want to practice and I won’t screw up my schedule. Trust is the key. Someday it’ll work or not. We’ll see.
Breaks! Very, very, very crucial element to practicing. Let’s give ourselfs a break! I use to meditate in my practicing breaks even in very short ones, because it is the best way to cool down my mind.
To straighten it out, I practice in a routine like that:
1. Playing the exercise, recognizing the mistakes.
2. 3 minutes break (Calm down! Practicing is stirring up the mind, especially mistakes.).
3. Playing the exercise again, recognizing mistakes, if there are no flaws I repeat the exercise up to three times (depends on how long it is).
4. 3 minutes break
5. repeat the exercise on the previous tempo + 20, recognizing mistakes
6. 3 minutes break
7. like 3. or 5.
8. 3 minutes break
9. like 3 or. 5.
10. 10 minutes break
11. changing exercise

If I practice something in up-tempo (240+) I like to play It first three times slow (like 180-200), than in the fastest tempo I can play it and get some notes right. Then again slow and so on.

I also recommend mental training. Especially if we have just a little amount of time to practice with our instrument.

I’m going to write more about practicing but that’s it for now.


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