What happens at 11 o’clock?

It’s 1130 on this beautifully cold friday morning. I’m sitting in a small café in Dresden, Neustadt waiting for a clarinet to be repaired, which I borrowed after my first clarinet lesson from my teacher. Eating an warm apple muffin with cane sugar and cinnamon, drinking a delicious coffee and thinking about a conversation that I had yesterday with my girlfriend and the sports teacher of our conservatory about what will happen on the 21.12.2012. As we know now the world we know is still there. But the world is changing, I can feel it in my bones and all around me. More and more people are changing, maybe not knowingly but they do. Many people don’t change, because they just can’t. Their willpower isn’t strong enough to face the reality of being a loving person. „There is a greater plan.“, the sports teacher said. He knows it, because he believes in it and he is one the youngest persons at the age of my father I ever met. Homo 1.0 had faith without knowledge (but with far more ‚knowing‘ than we have today – f.e. Mayas, Ancient Egyptians, Celts or Germani), Homo 2.0 has knowledge without faith (selling weapons for peace keeping). The new one will be the Homo 3.0 having both, faith and knowledge.
But enough of the brainstorming, everyone has to think about it, when the time is right for him. We can make a change, can make the difference, not our politicians or bosses. Don’t wait to change, take the responsibility in your own hands, be the law, everyone can do it. And the time is right, the possibilities are there and the stars are right. Change is easy because better times are in front of us (slighty in sight) and we have the support of the highest, noble-minded and loving personalities in space, time and beyond it. Go for it!

1215: I think I can pick up my clarinet or maybe some Christmas shopping with my girlfriend before. We’ll see…

And what happens at 11 o’clock or on the 21.12.2012? That’s my point about „the stars are right“.
Our sports teacher came up with this:



3 Gedanken zu „What happens at 11 o’clock?

  1. Ok, thoughts: The Homo 3.0 creates a paradóxon; In order to explain, we have to give the shapeless word faith a contour. Therefore we should consider the double meaning of the german „Glauben“. On one hand, it expresses the setting of missing knowledge, like „I don’t know / I’m not sure, but I think…“. Secondly it refers to trust, the trust in a higher power, a god, pure energy or something else. But as a lack of knowledge sticks consequently to the present, trust starts in the now and longs for the then. Hence faith connects the present with the upcoming future, without knowing, what’s going to come.
    Another point is, that there’s always a lack of knowledge. Sokrates. Wittgenstein. Watzlawick. „There’s no absolute truth outside of mathmatics.“ A complete essay would take me to 11 o’clock, but we should mind, that, as Paul Tillich called it, absolute truth or complete knowledge is the deepest depth and we’re only scratching on the surface. Therefore my knowledge increased since yesterday, but the distance to absolute knowledge is still infinite.
    So I suggest, the interesting image of Homo 3.0 includes the awareness of a lack of knowledge and simultaneously the trust in the good, which is in fact just another verbum abstractum. What you meant could be described as the connection of science and faith. Homo 3.0 reached it.

  2. Dear rue,

    thank you for your interesting answer. I think that honest science will lead to the absolute truth but only in its last consequence. The rest of the time I’ll stick to faith. Why? Because it has something to do with honesty to and trust in yourself. I may spend a cloudy word as well but in english: knowledge. Knowledge as in german „Wissen“ is pretty useless without experience, but knowledge as in german „Erkenntnis“ is experience itself. But where does this leads us?

  3. It leads us to the words both of you are searching for: wisdom! Knowledge. Emotion. And both combined is wisdom. Homo 3.0 reaches for wisdom, neither unlimited, useless knowledge, nor unreflected emotions.

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