Lesson #4: Take Off And Landing

There are several notes in those three scales that are good to play from and good notes to play to. There aren’t notes you have to avoid, but some notes just sounding bad if you’re holding them to long. Also some notes in the scale give you always the feeling you’re playing the changes, but there are a bit boring for long notes.

Good start, playing the changes, but too boring for long notes:
• the basic triad of the scale (minor or major)

Good to land, long notes (good tension to the chord root)
• dorian: 9 and 11
• melodic 7 and 9 (in modal situations 11 and 13 too)
• Ionic: 7 and 9
If you start on these notes in a bebop line you here a downwards arpeggio most of the time.

Notes better played away from or resolved, no long notes
• dorian: 13
• melodic: 11
• Ionic: 11

Apply this to several harmonic situations and standards as described in lesson #3. Listen to the mayor players and find out on which notes they land and start and which notes they choose to hold longer. This is also very good for ear training (especially with fun) and get to know your idols!

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