The Butter On The Stulle Of Life

Right now I’m riding on the train from Leipzig – where I played on a nice jam session yesterday – back to Dresden, listening to one of my all time favorites: Harry Connick Jr. exceptionally album „Other Hours“ and thinking about the blog, my improvements and all that. I get in these moods from time to time, especially when my wonderful girl is away (but thank god she will be back soon).
Of course I have also intrinsic motivations to write this blog, because sometimes it reminds me what am I here for. I struggled a very long time in my life with finding out what am I supposed to do with my life and my talents. Do I have talents? Do I always have to compare myself to the skills of someone else?
Right at the moment I am at a very interesting point of my life. I have the feeling that I’m somehow in control of my fate because I have the opportunity to do what I want (because I searched long enough for that). But with this freedom comes the burden of responsibility to do what is necessary to reach my goals. Of course it is about finding my own pace and not being lazy instead.
As I played through the night, I was thinking afterwards about the performance. What do I want in my playing? Why all this practicing stuff (and the absence of it in the last two weeks)? I like to have the control when I’m playing, of my phrasing, the melodies, the changes and rhythms I’m in. Earlier in my musical career I thought that freedom comes from being able to loose control in the music which was just a cover for a lack of ability. I think that it is much more interesting to have the control to play what you really want and to have different options. To have but not always using them (or all of them).
At this point in my life I have to decide wether I go my way with all it necessities and consequences or just stick with what I achieved till now and be bored by it. Just thoughts on a train ride, I think I’ll stick to Harry and his beautiful songs the rest is about to come. Like my friend Johannes always says: „Regret is a waste of time.“ Life is just so amazing with all it twists and turns. A toast to that!

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2 Gedanken zu „The Butter On The Stulle Of Life

    • Lieber Stephan,

      freut mich, dass dir der Blog gefällt. Falls du Fragen hast, kannst du sie gern in dem jeweiligen Beitrag kommentieren.
      Ich wünsche dir ebenfalls noch viel Freude mit dem Material.

      Liebe Grüße

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